Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get back to the app - I seemed to be trapped in my profile screen?

A: The profile screen is effectively the home page. This is not really an app you need to open up all the time. You just leave it and the app runs in the background. It then alerts you when another member is near, and provides you with a situation.

Q: I haven't got any situations yet. What gives?

A: Patience. The more people use the app, the more likely you are to run into one, so you'll get more as we grow. It also helps to not live in the sticks.

Q: How do I find other people on the map?

A: You don't. We wanted to keep the app to its core functionality, which is it to alert you when another member is near, and provide you with a situation (at which point you get a map with the other person's location). If you had a map with people at the outset, you be looking for them, as opposed to have the surprise come to you. Surprises are good.

Q: How do I turn the app off while I'm at work or otherwise unavailable?

A: The easiest way to turn it off temporarily is to go your phone's Settings > General > Location Services > Situationist and switch the location services off (and back on again when you want to). We'll look at making this easier in any future updates.

Q: How do I delete my profile if I want to stop using the app?

A: You just delete the app.

Q: How do the Twitter / Facebook features work?

A: If you switch them on (either when you first register, or later in Settings > Situationist), they will prompt you for your Facebook / Twitter login details after your first situation. They will then tweet or status-update any situation automatically. For example: "I just told a complete stranger my first impression of them, at 11:11, thanks to". 

Q: When will this app be available on Android?

A: Dunno, we're looking into it, watch this space and other clichés.